10 People In History Who Overcame Impossible Odds

If you need some motivation in trying to achieve your goals, read below the inspiring stories of 10 historical people who overcame impossible odds. All these people faced rejection and failure but continued on to perservere to great success and achievement to solidify their place in history today.

  1. J. K Rowling famous for writing the Harry Potter series. Initially she was rejected by many publishing agencies before being published. Before her success, she was in a failed marriage, a single mother broke while raising a child and going to school and at one time depending on welfare to survive. Now she is one of the riches women in the world.
  2. Winston Churchill became the prime minister of the United Kingdom at the age of 62 after failing in politics for many years. He struggled in school, failed the 6th grade but found succes at a later age becoming the prime minister of the United Kingdom twice and winning a Nobel Prize in Literature in 1953. Not to mention his successful leadership in World War II.
  3. Theodor Seuss Geisel, also know as Dr Seuss, whose books are read by children world wide. At first his books were considered unsellable and was rejected by publishers 27 times.
  4. Ludwig van Beethoven the historical composer, was awkward on the violin and his instructors did not think he was brilliant to be successful in the music field. Later he composed the five most appreciated symphonies of all time even when he was going deaf.
  5. Michael Jordan, considered the best basketball player of all time, was kicked off his high school basketball team. Great ness can be shown in the failures accumulated. Michael Jordan throughout his career missed 9000 shots and has lost 300 games. To have that amount of failure means you also had to achieve a lot of positive moments and records in your career.
  6. Henry Ford owned one of the largest auto companies in the world. Struggling in the beginning, he was broke five times and all of his early business ventures failed.
  7. Walt Disney owned the billion dollar Disney company making money from merchandise, movies and theme parks. Starting out, he went bankrupt and failed in almost every business he tried. He was also fired by his newspaper editor believing he lacked imagination with no good ideas.
  8. Thomas Edison’s success is with us every day. When we turn on a light, it is because of his work. In the beginning his teacher said he was too stupid to be able to learn anything. He was considered unproductive and was fired from two of his jobs and he failed 1000 time with his invention.
  9. Charlie Chaplin is an icon best known for his panomimic comedy movies. Early in his career he was rejected because his acting was considered ridiculous and would never sell.
  10. Vincent Van Gogh received notoriety in his death. He was never successful during his life, starving most of the time. But today he is considered known as one of the best well known artists.

The above stories should tell you nothing is impossible with what these people had to overcome. This should be enough to urge you to continue working to pursue your dream and never give up.

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