Choosing The Best Fitness Running Watch

If you have decided to take up running seriously, you will need a running or fitness watch to track your progress and get the most benefit out of your jogs. You will be able to track the number of calories you burn on a run and how high your heart rate goes. You will be able to determine if you need to work harder or less to meet your fitness goals. You may want to take up different types of running exercises to achieve your goals like zone runs or interval training. Continue reading

Stop Running From Being A Boring Activity

If you want to improve your health, running is the best exercise to engage in to build more speed and strength in your legs. You can run just about anywhere and it burns a lot of calories.

Most people do not run today as they should because people find running boring. Running, a steady state cardio running, can seem a little boring to people at times. Effective running can be time consuming and dull from just hitting the ground over and over again. Continue reading

Integrate Interval Training To Your Running

Most people when they run are running at one steady pace for a period of time without taking breaks or changing their speed. This is called steady state cardio running.

Steady state cardio running is beneficial to your health, but it may come to a point where you need more of a challenge in your workout to become even healthier. Your workout at some point will not be challenging enough and you could become bored without increasing your level of effort and this may cause you to quit. Continue reading

Choose The Right Running Shoes To Prevent Injury

It is vital to choose the right running shoe when you start your running exercise program. The running shoes you wear will make all the difference in the way you feel when you run. If you choose the wrong running shoe, you will be uncomfortable in your exercise efforts, making it harder on you and you will be more than likely quit running before you even start and give it a chance. Continue reading

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